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Sierra Leone Traveler Tips

General information with regards to your arrival at Lungi airport, Freetown, Sierra Leone. Currently the arrival process is still under development as a new airport is being constructed. We hope you will see it as part of your adventure of visiting Sierra Leone. Below you will find recommendations from us that we trust will assist you with your arrival.

Arrival process

You will arrive in the aircraft and walk into the terminal, here you will go through immigration first Following immigration, you will be guided to the luggage collection After you collected your luggage, you will go through Customs The hotel representative will be waiting with a name board after Customs The representative will guide you towards the bus which will take you to the boat.

*Please note that the boat ride is USD40. We will pre-purchase the ticket for you, and charge it to your room (upon request)

*Your boat ticket and luggage ticket will be handed over to you by our representative

The Representative will arrange your luggage with the bus drivers, you will only keep your hand luggage.

The bus will take you to the boat, approximately a 10min drive. Once you arrive at the boat waiting area, your number will be called when your boat is ready to leave. The boat ride will take approximately 30 minutes and the hotel driver will wait for you at the docking area, and bring you to the hotel. It is recommended to have hand luggage in order to be able to keep your valuables with you at all times.

Recommended amount of cash to have on-hand

Approximately $100 / 400,000 Leones

Tipping information

Tipping is not compulsory. Should you wish to give gratuity to your luggage handler/driver or representative you are welcome to do so - however it is not expected. Tipping amounts can range from 10,000 Leones (average tip) to 30,000 Leones (good tip).

Most important recommended inoculations

Yellow fever injection is compulsory. You are required to present the Yellow fever card at the airport. Malaria medication is recommended. Please be advised that there are additional inoculations which travel clinics recommend. For a list of these, please consult your travel clinic.

Washroom availability

Please be sure to make use of the toilet onboard the aircraft before landing as the availability of washrooms are limited between the airport and the hotel

Electrical Appliances and Plug Sockets

The 220V plug sockets use the British 3-point plug design. Two point plugs can also be used in these sockets.